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Prodoceo Katarzyna Kowalczyk, FA3911

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About us

Prodoceo means a reliable team of professionals with years of experience in finance and IT solutions. The company was founded by Katarzyna Kowalczyk, qualified Polish Chartered Accountant and ACCA member (FCCA).

We provide comprehensive services offering accounting and payroll services, tax, and financial advice. Our aim is to enable managements of companies to control their business more effectively and efficiently.

We register companies in court and advise on the accounting policies. Our auditors perform financial statutory audits, agreed-upon-procedure-services, due diligence or audit of EU fundings.

We have simultaneously evolved to meet the needs of our clients in today's rapidly changing business environment. Our flexible offer is everytime adjusted to the needs of our clients. As an innovative and forward-looking organisation, we have proposed "outsourced Chief Financial Officer" services. We support the management with financial negotiations with banks, during commercial meetings with international corporations or budgeting procedures. 

Our clients' portfolio can be devided into the following groups:

  • small and medium companies – joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint-stock partnerships that need accounting services of high quality and individual approach;
  • start-ups that need administrative and accounting support;
  • companies that are constantly challanged by their own accounting department and lack of management information;
  • companies that have received a subsidy from the EU and are obliged to apply special accounting policies required by PARP (Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship’s Development).

What is more, we are open to "inhouse accounting" - we can support both service and production companies. Starting the co-operation. we either take over the personnel employed in the accounting department and recruit new specialists. We supervise their work, support with our knowledge and experience and improve the internal document flow and approval proccesses.

Our common goal is to reduce the internal administration costs with the ongoing improve of the quality and reliability of the financial reporting and reduction of tax risks.