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Useful websites

Central Registration and Information on Business                                                                                                                            

The Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (abbreviated to CEIDG) is a register of enterprises operated by natural persons in the territory of Poland.


Payroll calculator

Calculator provided by the recruitment company. Allows you to estimate the net salary of the employee and the total cost of employment.


Interest on late tax payment calculator

The calculator is in Polish, however it should be quite simple to use it. Just enter the due date and the date of payment of your tax liability, fill in with the main value and the calculator will show the interest amount due to the tax office.


Tax law in Poland

Provided by the Ministry of Finance, English version of Polish tax law.


Entity search in the National Statistical Office

The search engine is in Polish, you need the VAT ID to be able to find the searched company. The report will provide you with REGON - statistical number of any Polish registered company.


Entity search in the National Court Register

The search engine is in Polish, you need at least the name of the searched Company to be able to find the details eg. the shareholders, authorised representatives, management board and more. 


European VAT confirmation VAT EU (VIES)

This is the European site that allows you to confirm your European suppplier or customer has a valid EU VAT number.


Exchange rates provided by the National Bank of Poland

The National Bank of Poland site allows you to find the exchange rate for a given date.


  Land registry database

The registry of all land owned by private persons or companies. The registry is in Polish. You need the mortage land number to be able to verify the owners and the mortage value.