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Prodoceo Katarzyna Kowalczyk, FA3911

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Our accounting services are intended for micro, small, and medium size companies. Our team of experts offers support in everyday back office work as well as in non-routine situations that require knowledge and experience.

We guarantee that signing the contract with us will result in:

  • Reducing administrative costs up to 30% on annual basis – an internal accounting department with one employee generates an annual cost of 50-80 000 PLN. The costs of the workplace, IT service of accounting software, expenditure on recruitment and secondment should also be taken into consideration;
  • Increasing security of the management board –  the responsibility of your employed accountants is limited to their three salaries. The legal liability insurance of Prodoceo amounts to 2 million PLN;
  • Improvement of communication and a regular access to information. Our office is open every working day and is never on a sick leave or holidays. Your small internal accounting team may cause you delays due to long lasting absence and frequent staff turnover;
  • Increasing availability of other services. We offer a wide range of services such as financial analysis, audits and assurance, training courses, tax advice, and legal support. We employ auditors and tax advisors, and we cooperate with law companies;
  • Saving ­time devoted to administration, HR matters, contact and long discussions with your tax office. When another company handles the accounting duties, the management board can concentrate on their strategies of further business development.

Methodology of work

We want to offer services typical for a shared service center. For companies with 80-100 employees, we offer our inhouse accounting, a possibility to employ accountants on the client’s site. There is also a possibility to take over your current accounting team and verify their knowledge and experience. We provide support, training courses, and a constant supervision of the actions of the employees working in the seat of the client.

In addition, we offer a service of the CFO on hourly basis. We can support the management when defining and pursuing the financial strategy of the company. You can benefit from many years’ experience of our experts in making budgets, negotiating with clients or banks, introducing controlling systems and management reports, and you will not need to employ a full-time CFO.

You receive from us:

  • Your personal assistant who is at your disposal in situations and cases that concern your company;
  • Up-to-date management information;
  • Support and a practical solutions for your accounting issues.


Within the scope of the chosen package of services we offer you:

  • Bookkeeping based on the source documents received;
  • Annual financial statements;
  • Archiving accounting documents and other statutory documentation;
  • Running a tax ledger for corporate tax and VAT purposes;
  • Accounting for individual sub-contractors of the company;
  • Accounting for employees’ advance payments;
  • Preparing tax declarations (CIT and VAT);
  • Preparing reports required by Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland;
  • Preparing Management Reports for the management board and shareholders;
  • Representing the company in case of tax audits.