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Payroll service is not only suplementary for clients of the accounting department, but also for medium-sized companies that want to strengthen the control over wages scheme and personal data.

We take the payroll processing for companies' employees - even over 100 people. 

Studies have shown that nearly 40 percent of businessmen are afraid of the contact with Social Security and the tax offices. Experts from Prodoceo contact tax offices and Social Insurance Institutions everyday. We handle all the paperwork, explain the differences and clear out the backlogs from the past.

With payroll outsourcing, you can increase the confidentiality of remuneration by:

  • Reducing the number of people having random access to processed documents - the documents are not kept at your office;
  • Reducing the number of people having access to bank transfers - one cumulative amount in the accounts;
  • Reducing the informal flow of information - payroll professionals are not employees of the company.

Methodology of work

We offer a complete and comprehensive payroll service. By taking over the task of internal payroll department, we give you many years of our experts' experience, and we guarantee full confidentiality of your company's salaries and wages.
We can process standard employment contracts, civil contracts and part-time contracts, shift work, hourly earnings, and all other contract conditions allowed by the Polish Labour Code. We calculate and report the tax obligations of  shareholders of limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

With our experience we not only can efficiently process your everyday payroll operation but also adjust your previous social fund tax calculations if needed.

Scope of our service

  • management of personnel records in accordance with the provisions of the Polish labor law;
  • calculation of monthly salaries and wages, allowances and other taxable benefits;
  • preparation of bank transfers to employees and contractors,
  • preparation of reports in accordance with applicable law and filing them to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS);
  • preparation of payroll reports for managerial and accounting purposes;
  • preparation of annual income tax returns and withholding tax collected for personal income.