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ul. Floriańska 2
03-707 Warszawa

VAT id: 521-36-36-523
Statistical number: 146297099

Company facts

Prodoceo Limited Partnership was created in 2009 as a result of the transformation of personal activity Prodoceo Katarzyna Kowalczyk.

Since that year our customers have achieved a total revenue of 450 million PLN, and we have recovered the 28 million PLN of VAT.
We have booked 32 992 documents, we have trained 132 people on financial trainings, we have provided payroll calculations for 367 employees.

We have clients in the corporate, retail and manufacturing sector service. We are present in Mazowieckie, West Pomeranian, and Lodz voivodeships.
Since its incorporation, the company has performed on three main areas:

  • Accounting and payroll services;
  • Financial audits;
  • Financial trainings.

Since 2010, we have beed listed with the number 3589 as an authorized entity to audit Polish statutory financial statements run by the National Board of Statutory Auditors.
To provide maximum security to our customers we have extended our services to the tax department, raised the sum of the partnership to PLN 100 000 and insured activities and accounting and payroll in the amount of PLN 2 million.

At present we are launching the project that will allow our customers to have access to data and reports on line.
Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for business.
Running business in Poland with Prodoceo becomes simple.